webCover frontThe Writing on the Wall by Richard Noble

The King James Bible is a treasure-trove of idioms and clichés that have entered everyone’s vocabulary, and yet few are aware of the Bible as their source. This book features sixty five of them, one being taken from each of the books in the Bible as a key to unlock the book itself, giving a short introduction to the book, the context of the phrase and how the phrase has penetrated the modern world. It also gives an intriguing glimpse into the idiomatic nature of the English language.

Whether your interest is purely linguistic, theological, or devotional, The Writing on the Wall assumes no prior familiarity with the scriptures. By providing the context of each book and phrase it becomes a useful guidebook, bringing the Bible alive. Taking a phrase from each book and exploring its origins and modern usage, Richard Noble sets out to gives a fascinating glimpse into this “inestimable treasure”, the first mainstream English translation and still unequalled in linguistic beauty. Having 40 phrases in the first section and 25 in the second, The Writing on the Wall is also suited for use through the days of Lent and Advent.

What do people say about The Writing on the Wall ?

Comments by readers from the general public:

'What an intriguing book. We can't recall reading another book quite like it.' (RWC)

… the best summary of the Bible books I have ever seen. I know more about them now than I ever did when I read them.' (CJHT on early version)

'A delightful and fascinating box of literary gems … a gift that keeps on giving.' (JMT)

… a good way to break into understanding the Bible.'(RJC)

'Great book to dip in and out of.' (DD)

'Each chapter whets the appetite for the next... I was hooked and read it straight through and should like to buy 15 copies.' (FB on early version)

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Comments by reviewers:

'… quite exceptional and quite enthralling – It isn't until someone does something like this that one realises the almost limitless depths of the King James Bible.' (Ronald Blythe, Church Times columnist)

'… an introduction to the Scriptures (excluding the Apocrypha, sadly) which, for the beginner, is as fun and accessible as any other I have found.' (Janet Backman Please go to the February 2015 issue of New Directions and scroll to page 22.)

'… this book is sure to delight your curiosity... assumes no familiarity with the scriptures on the part of the reader ... an ideal bookshelf addition for Christians, non-Christians, historians, linguists, wordsmiths, and those who are simply fascinated by phrases. (Jadetheobscure.com)

'… it deals with so few of the common sayings which derive from the Bible - maybe he is saving the others for volume 2!' (Rev Canon Alan Hargrave)

'The introductions to the books of the Bible are well researched and concise, inspiring the reader to pick up a bible and read more, and the vignettes about the chosen phrases are memorable and draw on a huge frame of reference in political, social and literary life. (AllyB on Amazon.com)

Comment by the author

For many in today's secular society the Bible has become a closed book, yet English speakers are using its idiomatic phrases all the time with little idea of their origin. The King James Bible has had an extraordinary impact, travelling hand in hand with English speaking people as they migrated across the globe and established concepts of fairness and freedom, inspired by the Bible, to which the rest of the world now aspires. A grasp of the Bible is thus as important today as it has ever been.


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