All proceeds from The Writing on the Wall are donated to St Mary's, Buckden: The A1 Church by the author and, with its forerunner, now approach £2,500.


11 November 2017

The number of tweets of phrases derived from the King James Bible grows to 1,800. These are taken at random from a collection that has grown to over 560. The total list, inclusive of variations from the same scriptural text currently stands at 695. These daily tweets can be followed by clicking the image below.

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8 May 2017

   Richard Noble's address given at the service of Matins in King's College Chapel, Cambridge on 7th May was based on the theme of 'understanding' and referred to thirteen typical phrases that have entered the English language from the King James Bible. Topics covered included the growth of populism and secularism, science and religion, and new understanding, as the figurative language and meaningful stories of the Bible are interpreted anew in each generation. The text of the address/sermon can be read on-line on the King's College website by clicking the image below from the chapel service booklet (see pages 2 & 9)



May 2017

   On 7 May Richard Noble, Author of The Writing on the Wall, will be speaking at the service of Matins in King's College Chapel, Cambridge, on a theme relating to his book. After lunch he will be presenting an illustrated talk in College: The Shape of the Bible and its impact on language and culture.

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 To request a talk please send an email to:

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8th April 2017

   £2415   The gross sum raised to date for St Mary’s Church, Buckden, Cambridgeshire, comprised of Book Launch sponsorship and sales on the PCC printing of an earlier version, author sales of the Writing on the Wall and royalties. In his preface to The Writing on The Wall, the author wrote:



April 2017

   On 6 April Richard gave an augmented version of his illustrated talk to a large meeting of the Aughton and Ormskirk U3A in Lancashire. “It is my pleasure to say 'thank you' to you both for entertaining us to our monthly lecture.  I have already got a waiting list to read your book.” (SW, Aughton & Ormskirk U3A)




The author (centre) with Andrew Beeston and Bill Evans of Aughton and Ormskirk U3A


March 2017

   On 29 March Richard re-visted Woodbridge in Suffolk, bringing back happy memories of sailing and painting trips. That evening he gave another of his illustrated talks about his book, The Writing on the Wall, and the impact of the Bible on literature and culture.


January 2017

   On 23 January a new website went on line with the hundreds of well-known phrases identified by author, Richard Noble (plus idiomatic nouns and several variations of phrases currently totalling 559). These all have their origins in the King James Version (sometimes called the “Authorised Version”) of the Bible, first published in 1611. This new resource provides a mine of useful information for sermon writers, language students, linguists, bible scholars and anyone interested in the influence of the Bible on language and culture. Please click the image below to find it.



October 2016

    On 12 October, at Ticehurst Church, East Sussex, Richard gave the last of his 2016 series of talks about The Writing on the Wall.

His feedback included: "… this morning… everyone was … saying how much they enjoyed your Talk, and also the enthusiastic and relaxed way in which you presented it" .… "the evening raised £200 at the Door" … "we must have had a full house" …. "I don't think we've ever ever had so many!" … 




11th September 2016

Richard returned to his former Parish in Liverpool, St Michael’s Church, Huyton to give an illustrated address to the congregation during the sermon slot about The Writing on the Wall, a possible basis for future talks about his book.


21st April 2016

The number of Everyday bible phrases being tweeted @KJVsayings is increased to 558. This is probably by far the largest collection of such phrases, sayings and idioms to be found anywhere.


April 2016

Richard Noble will be giving a talk about his book, The Writing on the Wall, at Chalfont St Giles Parish Church, Hertfordshire, on Sunday 22 May at the 6.30pm Choral Evensong service.



November 2015

Daily tweets of Everyday phrases, sayings and idioms that you never realised came from the King James Bible begin to appear on Twitter. Please click the image below to see some of them @KJVsayings.


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October 2015

Richard (second from left below) took part in the Durham Book Festival on Monday 12 October 2015. Click the Durham University Read logo below and the photograph of the participants to read all about it and the surprising story behind the title of the new James Bond theme song.



14th Octber 2015

The New York Times announces the discovery by an American scholar of the earliest known draft, and the only one definitively written in the hand of one of the roughly four dozen translators of the King James Bible. It is an unassuming notebook held in an archive at the University of Cambridge dating from 1604 to 1608 and is possibly the most significant archival find in decades relating to the King James Bible (published 1611). The notebook contains a complete draft of 1 Esdras, one of the books of the Apocrypha, which is included in the King James Bible but not in most modern versions.


August 2015

New pages for the Writing on the Wall

In response to popular request the author has written a few new pages and there could well be more to follow.


1st January 2015

Sacristy Press publish the paperback edition of The Writing on the Wall – Everyday Phrases from The King James Bible, by Richard Noble.



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